After School Activities

3:00pm - 6:00pm
Ages 7 -18


Healthy eating!

Kids get to learn all about the kitchen! Hygiene, safety and basic kitchen skills! They also get to enjoy eating something they have helped to create themselves!

The Garden Club!

This program gives the kids a change to learn how plants grow and how we can use them in our kitchen once they’ve been harvested.


The Tech Shed!

All participants must wear enclosed shoes and NO loose clothing.

Tuesdays focus on woodwork! Making chopping boards, tool boxes and even pencil cases!

Creative Craft!

All you can imagine craft! Let your child’s imagination run wild and let them create anything they desire! 


Art Attack!

Embrace your creative and imaginative side by getting into the art supplies! What will your next creation be?

Hobby Street Studio!

Get those creative juices flowing with song, dance or even acting!

Family Arts & Craft!

Held at Flinders View Primary School

Parents and caregivers can work with their children on various projects or make their own craft project.




Special Needs And Parents
This program has a special emphasis on children and youth with disabilities. This program aims to consider each child or youth’s specific needs and offered support as required.


Encourage a healthy and fit lifestyle and get active with gymnastics! Jumping, rolling, tumbling, swinging, leaping, cartwheeling and more! At gymnastics, there is just a load of fun in every lesson!

The Learning Lab!

Kids will learn how to use applications such as ‘Excel’ and ‘Word’ and will be able to effectively use these in order to create resumes, write assignments and even get help with their homework!

The Tech Shed!

All participants must wear enclosed shoes and NO loose clothing.

On Thursdays participants get to restore and old pushbike, learn new skills along the way and even get to keep the bike once they’ve finished restoring it.


Sports & Rec!

Kids can come along and hang out with their friends, playing pool, air hockey and much more! Shoot a few hoops of basketball, kick the footy and all the other sporting equipment we offer. There is also table tennis, totem tennis, hula hoops and more! Children can join in on competitions where they can win prizes and awards. We also have plenty of arts and crafts available or jump on the play station and check out the new virtual reality games!


See Our Events Calendar

Check up on our events calendar quarterly for upcoming events. We have family fun days with free rides and amusements for the kids and during school holidays there’s always plenty of things to do. We have trips away, cinema trips, fishing, movie nights at the centre, karaoke nights and so much more!

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