About Us

We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands that we work upon. We acknowledge Aboriginal people’s connection and relationship to county and land.

Port Augusta Youth Centre aims to:

  • Promote, provide, encourage, empower, recreational, educational and social activities which promote equity and are culturally appropriate to all youth in Port Augusta.
  • Identify, promote and develop leadership and enterprise within youth sector in Port Augusta.
  • Develop network to provide a cohesive and collaborative approach that spans across government and non-government structures, organisations, service agencies and the wider community to provide optimised delivery of services to identified needs to youth in Port Augusta.
  • Research and identify opportunities to develop sustainable programs for youth in Port Augusta.
  • To provide a forum where youth voice and views are respected, valued and heard.
  • Provide information for youth in the areas of training and employment, crime prevention, alcohol and substance abuse, recreational activities, independent living skills, counselling and health or as identified as a need by youth in Port Augusta.
  • Support the activities with appropriate and adequate resources (manpower, finance, infrastructure and equipment.)

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